"Do Bad Things With You" - Darren/Will


Will confesses his Blaine fantasy and Darren is all too eager to indulge him.  Darren-as-Blaine/Will.

Poly verse.  Will has a total Blaine fetish.  Age difference/innocent kink roleplay ensues.  

This is all Johnna’s fault/idea.  Again.  >_>

The first time they talk about it, Darren is visiting Will on a night when Chris is working late on set and Darren isn’t scheduled to work at all. They eat pizza and drink beer and talk shop, and once they’re loose and comfortable Darren cuddles up to Will’s side on the couch and notices the Glee season four DVDs spread out on the coffee table. He laughs.

"Do you guys make like, date nights out of watching?"

Will smirks. “Oh, god, no. Chris never watches the episodes once he’s been to the cast and crew viewing. And if there isn’t one then he doesn’t watch at all. He hates watching himself on screen. I don’t think he’s seen three quarters of the last season, so I wait until he’s out and catch up by myself.”

Darren grins. “You’re a closet Glee junkie. I fucking love it.”

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